Peter A. Edwards, PhD

Distinguished Research Professor, Departments of Biological Chemistry and Cardiology, David Geffen Department of Medicine at UCLA  Peter Edwards, a professor in both the Department of Biological Chemistry and the Department of Medicine, has had a long term interest in defining the mechanisms involved in the regulation of cholesterol synthesis and homeostasis. Current studies are centered on the roles of FXR and LXR, two nuclear receptors that are activated by endogenous oxysterols and bile acids, respectively. His laboratory has made significant contributions to our understanding of how these nuclear receptors control the levels of plasma cholesterol and glucose and affect various diseased states, including the development of atherosclerosis and pulmonary lipidosis.

Peter A Edwards
UCLA Biol Chem/ Med-Cardio
BOX 951737, 3-726 MRL
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1737