Matthias Stelzner, MD

Director, Surgery and Perioperative Care, Veterans Administration Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

Dr, Stelzner is Director of the Surgical and Perioperative Careline at the VA Greater Los Angeles and Vice-Chairman of the Department of Surgery at UCLA. His laboratory work is focused on the bioengineering of small intestine using intestinal stem cells, organoids and enteroids. Dr. Stelzner's group has investigated the generation of bioengineered mucosal surfaces in rodents and large animals extensively. They were the first to generate this kind of neo-mucosa in a large mammal when they produced neo-mucosa in dogs. His team was also the first cure a clinical malabsorption syndrome using stem cell transfer. They successfully treated rats that suffered from ileal bile acid malabsorption by transplanting intestinal mucosal stem cell organoids from one animal to the other. Dr. Stelzner is a principal investigator in the NIH Intestinal Stem Cell Consortium.