Alireza Sedarat, MD

Clinical Instructor, Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Division of Digestive Diseases, David Geffen Department of Medicine at UCLA

My research areas of interest involve a variety of aspects of clinical and translational gastroenterology. GI malignancy is a major area of focus, and I am interested in precancerous lesions and risk-stratification of these lesions (such as pancreas cysts, Barrett’s esophagus, colonic adenomas) by novel endoscopic and translational methods to allow tailored and personalized patient management. As a junior faculty member I have started collaboration with GI and pancreas surgeons and basic scientists to start projects in this area. More broadly within the field of interventional endoscopy, I am interested in expanding the role of the advanced endoscopist in the evaluation and treatment of a range of GI disorders by evaluating and developing new technology, devices, and methods including submucosal and extralumenal endoscopy. The potential application for these methods is broad and includes development of resection methods of early GI cancers, improved palliation of advanced malignancy, expanding the role of interventional endoscopic ultrasound, novel hemostasis methods, bariatric endoscopy, and endoscopic and non-endoscopic management of endoscopic complications. In addition, I am interested in ongoing evaluation and refinement of existing techniques and addressing unanswered questions about indications for and role of endoscopy in GI diseases. As part of the Interventional Endoscopy Service at UCLA and the WLA VA I am and will be involved in ongoing studies and descriptive series of this wide range of projects. As part of the Hemostasis Research Group at the CURE Digestive Diseases Research Center (DDRC), UCLA, and the West Los Angeles VA Medical Centers, I participate and conduct ongoing randomized trials of endoscopic hemostasis methods. I have also received the  CURE Pilot and Feasbility award for the 2015 year.